Voices from the occupied West Bank: ‘They’re forcing us into islands’ | Israel War on Gaza

Occupied West Bank – In the last instalment of Al Jazeera’s conversations with Palestinians living under occupation, respondents air their fears and frustrations at life under what many rights organisations have classified as apartheid.

The eldercare worker who never thought he would work in Israel but life had other plans for him.

The agricultural union worker who sees an Israeli annexation plan unfolding in the occupied West Bank’s most fertile area.

The interior designer whose sadness and anger threaten to overwhelm him sometimes.

The proud father and grandfather who, for the first time in his life, is not sure he can provide for his family any more.

And the communications manager who does not understand why the world condemns Palestinian resistance.

Together, they and the others in this series speak from the heart about what it means to be Palestinian today as a brutal assault unfolds.

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