Under Armour’s new Infinite Elite boosts runners in the Middle East

Lokedi says: “As an athlete, feeling included makes a big difference and I am happy Under Armour does that with us. Having the right shoe is very important, it is the priority for you as a runner. You can run with any clothes, but not any shoes.”

This insight is apparent throughout the outstanding Infinite Elite experience.

The sloped heel design and light, but durable Thinweb rubber sole effortlessly absorbed impact on steep climbs at Montjuic Park.

Distances logged came easily on the charge from Placa de Catalunya, through the iconic Gothic Quarter and serene oceanic views at Playa Mar. This was aided by the full-length UA Intelliknit upper built with zonal stretch which moves with each runner’s unique stride, guaranteeing a precision 1:1 fit.

Such plush comfort is at the heart of everything offered by Infinite Elite. From the collar and foam tongue, to the laces and 3D-molded sock-liner.

The attention to detail has been driven by Jonathan Hutnyan, Senior Product Line Manager of Performance Run Footwear at Under Armour. With the running shoe space increasingly competitive, how does Infinite Elite stand out from the rest?

Hutnyan replies: “It’s through not only getting into the softer, higher stack-height space, but doing it with new deliberate geometry that gives additional benefits to the runner.

“I think that is the next forefront of runwear. We’re all chasing new foams, plates and things like that.

“But, what else can we do to manipulate the shoe to benefit the runner? For Infinite Elite, going a little bit lighter with nets and gauges to offset the high, soft stack height and keep the athlete stable and confident.

“At the same time compared to our Velociti products, it’s a lot more aggressive in the toe shape to drive a better propulsion on race day.”

The UA Infinite Collection can be found on underarmour.ae and underarmour.sa and in select stores for both men and women. It retails at AED 749, SAR 899, KWD 64.9, OMR 77.9, QAR 749 and BHD 77.9.

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