Paranormal peril

THE enduring fascination with the supernatural has captivated the human imagination for centuries, driving people to explore realms beyond our tangible world. In their quest to establish contact with the unknown and the ethereal, individuals have engaged in a myriad of paranormal games and rituals that promise a connection to the other side, delving into the enigmatic and the mystic.

These mysterious practices, ranging from the infamous Ouija board to cryptic midnight rituals, have earned a notorious reputation for being anything but mere child’s play. They demand unwavering courage, a willingness to confront the limits of our reality and the tenacity to venture into the uncharted territory of the unseen.

Ouija board

The Ouija board is perhaps one of the most well-known paranormal games and it has a long and controversial history. Participants place their hands on a planchette, a heart-shaped piece that moves across the board, to spell out answers to questions posed to the spirits. Many believe that this game can open a doorway to malevolent entities, making it a spine-tingling experience for those brave enough to try it.

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary game is a classic sleepover dare. Participants gather in front of a mirror, chant “Bloody Mary” three times and hope to summon the vengeful spirit of a woman named Mary. The legend says she will appear in the mirror, covered in blood and seeking revenge. This game has been a rite of passage for many, but it is not for those who scare easily.

Midnight man

The midnight man game is a test of endurance and bravery. To play, one must invite the midnight man into their home by performing a series of rituals. Participants navigate a darkened house with only a candle, trying to avoid the midnight man, who can allegedly cause immense suffering. It is a game that pushes the boundaries of psychological terror.

One-man hide and seek (Hitori Kakurenbo)

Originating from Japan, one-man hide and seek is a game that summons a spirit into a doll. Participants fill a doll with rice and their own fingernail clippings and then they perform a ritual to bring it to life. The doll is then hidden while the participant seeks it out, facing terrifying consequences if they fail to do so. This game is notorious for blurring the line between reality and the supernatural.

Elevator to another world

The elevator to another world game is a Korean urban legend that has gained international attention. The player must enter a building with at least ten floors, press a specific combination of elevator buttons and ultimately encounter a ghostly woman on the fifth floor. The challenge lies in the eerie encounters one might experience in the elevator, as players believe they are transported to another dimension.

Three kings

The three kings is a ritual that requires a darkened room, two mirrors and two chairs. The player sits in one chair while two “kings” sit on either side in their mirrors. The game’s purpose is to communicate with one’s inner self and some believe they encounter a malevolent presence. The experience can be deeply unsettling and emotionally challenging.

Hooded man ritual

The hooded man ritual involves summoning a figure known as the “hooded man” to engage in a conversation. Participants blindfold themselves and recite an incantation, hoping to make contact with this mysterious entity. The game is notorious for causing a profound sense of dread and unease as the hooded man’s presence is felt.

The world of paranormal games exists as a unique and mysterious realm, characterised by an intriguing blend of fear, curiosity and uncertainty. Within this enigmatic domain, a collection of six specific games stands out as particularly noteworthy, pushing participants to confront their deepest fears and grapple with the mysteries of the unseen.

These games are not designed for the faint of heart. They are tailored for those who possess a unique brand of courage, a willingness to challenge conventional reality and the curiosity to embark on an exploration of the unknown. To play these games is to embark on a journey into the unknown, where shadows come to life and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

The choice to participate is a deeply personal one, a daring act of curiosity that challenges one’s comfort zone and understanding of the world. The question that lingers is a simple yet profound one – do you dare to engage with these games and test the mettle of your courage?

The answer rests solely with you, but be forewarned — venturing into the world of paranormal games is to embrace the eerie and mysterious, a journey that defies easy explanation and offers an opportunity to explore the boundaries of the human experience.

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