It’s Very Good To See Us, Isn’t It?

I realize most folks have apparently gone to sleep, but I just want to take some time to note what a fucking PROFESSIONAL Judge Chutkan has been in the DC election interference case.

In just the last 2 weeks (since 10/23) there have been 30+ docket entries, including filings and orders. These include:

1. 3 additional motions to dismiss (MTD) filed by TFG, plus a motion to strike “inflammatory” allegations from the indictment

2. Multiple discovery filings

3. Multiple filings re: the Limited Gag Order, including TFG’s filing on a Saturday and Chutkan’s order lifting the temporary stay the very next day, a Sunday

4. Multiple filings re: TFG’s new request for a 3 month continuance of discovery motions (after having already received a prior 1-month continuance)

5. Multiple minute orders rejecting 3rd-party filings, as well as setting (short) deadlines for responsive filings re: various disputes between the parties

I think we’re due a new round of response briefs from the DOJ later today as to the MTDs. Will update accordingly.

My point is that, unlike her counterpart Loose Cannon in FL, Judge Chutkan is ON IT.

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