If Biden Wasn’t Such A Gentle Soul And A Patriot He Would Teach Iowans And Other MAGA Supporting States A Lesson By Immediately Executing Every Autocratic Action Trump Promises To Take If Re-Elected. Iowans Have Declared The Only Issue They Care About Is President Biden Being Defeated. This Stance Is Not Only An Admission That They Support Donald Trump, It’s An Admission They Favor Replacing Democracy With An Autocratic Government.

This isn’t fake news. If re-elected, Trump is promising to use the military, the judiciary, and law enforcement agencies to seek revenge on his opponents, ignore or get rid of the Constitution, and exonerate himself from all crimes he may be lawfully found guilty of committing. How would Iowans and other MAGA supporters feel if tomorrow, Biden ordered the new Speaker of the House be jailed, Trump rally attendees be jailed, expanded the Supreme Court and immediately enacted new restrictions on the Second Amendment and banned all books mentioning Jesus or Christianity? In an autocracy, he could do it. No person who governs against the rule of law should ever be elected President of the United States. Trump supporters beware. The result of an autocrat in power is not so great when they are the opposing party and oppose your values and freedoms.


  • Will use the DOJ to prosecute those you have publicly criticized him. He is publicly naming his targets.
  • He would use military power and federal law enforcement to suppress peaceful political protest. 
  • He would use emergency powers to seize control of the election or challenge or overturn the results
  • Assert the power to outlaw speech critical of him by controlling media content.
  • Will govern with “absolute power” and bypass rulings by the courts and Congress.
  • Will appoint unqualified loyalists to serve in his administration.
  • Would pardon himself if convicted of crimes he has been indicted for.
At a rally in 2015, Trump declared “How stupid are the people of Iowa?”, to believe Ben Carson’s claim of a violent past and redemption. The real stupidity lies with all Republican members of the Trump base for laughing when he mocks and insults them.

Trump used his cult-leader style of speech to convince Iowans he would take care of their state’s needs. He failed them, so why do they believe he cares about them? Here’s how he blew it for IOWA while he was president:

Iowan farmer’s bankruptcies decreased by 80% under President Biden’s leadership.
  • Trump’s biofuel policies hurt Iowa by prioritizing the oil industry’s bottom line over protecting the environment and Iowans.
  • President Trump broke his promise to Iowa’s leaders and allowed oil refineries to use a “significantly less” amount of ethanol under the Renewable Fuel Standard.
  • Iowa exports fell by hundreds of millions of dollars in 2018.
  • Americans paid the aid that Iowa’s farmers needed, which was $28 million dollars in aid to recoup some of the money farmers lost as a result of Trump’s trade war with China.
  • Iowa farmers lost about $2 billion annually as a result of Trump’s trade wars with Mexico, China and other countries.
  • Under Trump, farm bankruptcies soared by 20% in 2019, hitting the highest rate in years.
  • Trump proposed cuts to agriculture programs every single year he was president.
2024: No Trump, No MAGA, No Insurrectionists, No Fascism. Rural America wake up! Find a Republican candidate that really loves America. Any candidate that wants to jail opponents, get rid of the Constitution, lies, and has violent tendencies is unfit for office. Autocracy is the end of freedom.

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