Episode 5 – The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic


Bandits, boars, and careening down waterfalls: The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic is heating up, PEOPLE! It still didn’t deliver the action I wanted it to in episode 5, but we got something—and I am so in love with the characters, I am fine with it.

Usato and Blurin the Beloved Blue Grizzly go into battle with the Hero Suzune, Aruku the Knight, and Corrin the Mage, diving back into the Darkness of Llinger Forest. Of course, Rose gives him a fond farewell when he goes off on his first journey. (She looks at him coldly and says “I got nothing to say to you.”) We love Rose.

Our adventurers are off to a peaceful start, but then they stumble on bandits—followed by a fall boar stampede! We got to see Suzune’s lightning powers in action, as she zapps her opponents. We also get to see Usato use his healing powers, he literally is healing her before she can incur a lot of damage—they’re flying over trees, through the forest. So this is a great introduction to their abilities. Also, that battle music! I was transported back to my younger years, playing Final Fantasy and Mystic Quest on my SNES. So retro. I want to hear more of it.

The best part of this episode, though, is that we see Suzune and Usato’s relationship grow. Suzune reveals to Usato that she was a sheltered daughter to a rich family—and she has no desire to go home. Usato says that he’s happy to be in this new world too, because he was just—kind of mid (for lack of a better word)—in their old world. He also tells her she was like an untouchable flower before and now she’s so human. Suzune reciprocates his vulnerability by revealing that she’s happy their relationship has become more intimate—and Usato (being the best boy he is) blushes and says it’s time for bed. So precious.

This anime is all about the characters and their relationships. I love Usato’s silly, yet determined manner. Suzune is always a delight, respectable and responsible, yet she still obsesses over connecting with Blurin and gets excited about the most hilarious things. Rose is the baddest— and could be one of my favorite anime characters of all-time. (I’ve got high hopes.) I also love all the cute creatures. (This week we got introduced to some adorable, yet poisonous, lemurs!)

My big problem with the anime: It’s episode 5 and I want more action! We need to see the stakes rising and feel the pressure on our characters. It did ramp up a little this week but I would like to see more. This anime also is great for easy watching though—it’s certainly fun and comedic and the animation! The morning mountain scenes were perfection. I hope next week we pick up the pace a bit but I am definitely enjoying myself with this one!

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