A Guide To Organizing Your Space

THE kitchen is the heart of your home. This is the area that gathers the family for a good meal, for laughter through shared stories, and for being the hub of celebration, comfort, and thanksgiving. No matter how small or big your kitchen space is, it mirrors the family’s homemade memories.

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen area, it’s the best time to plan the whole transformation thoroughly. Smart storage solutions help perfectly to amplify accessibility, minimize clutter, enhance food quality, and save space in a kitchen area. An organized kitchen refines meal preparation and cooking processes, promoting a sense of calm and order. With Kessel storage organizers from Wilcon Depot, you can transform clutter into order.

Fridge bin

Wilcon Depot offers stylish and smart storage solutions that will surely elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics and efficiency. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Wilcon Depot offers stylish and smart storage solutions that will surely elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics and efficiency. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

An overstuffed refrigerator can impede airflow, decrease energy efficiency, and result in a higher likelihood of food items expiring. To avoid these things, it is best to reorganize your refrigerator, using Kessel fridge bins. This item helps in compartmentalizing your fridge and gives any item a home. It’s a practical kitchen must-have item for maintaining a tidy refrigerator. Plus, these organizers are glass, which makes it easy to see what’s inside and access anything within.

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Kessel fridge bins come with different types, specifically designed for particular items such as a wine bottle organizer, soda can organizer, shelf organizer, egg holder and fridge bin organizer. All items are made with premium materials, which are efficient and visually satisfying. These items are deliberately crafted to promote a longer shelf life of the food stored inside your fridge.

Drawer organizer

With a clear and simplified design, Kessel drawer organizers will transform your unattended cabinets into orderly havens. These also come with different sizes and compartments that blend seamlessly into kitchen drawers. These Kessel drawer organizers work effectively for spices, spoons, forks and wooden spatulas; almost anything, depending on the size of the drawers. This prevents you from rummaging through all the cabinet drawers just to find your favorite dip. From kitchen utensils to your office supplies down to your vanity area, these organizers not only deliver a chic and aesthetic vibe, but also make things easy to spot.

Storage cart

Storage carts are space-saving wonders in the kitchen. Kessel 3-Tier Storage Cart can be an extension of your counter space for additional storage by consolidating kitchen essentials into a compact cart. This frees up room in the cabinets and countertops. Plus, their mobility means you can move them out of the way when not in use. Storage carts are a smart solution for achieving an organized and functional kitchen.

Storage racks

The versatility and adaptability of storage racks make them an invaluable solution for any space-conscious individual. The ingenious design and modular structure of Kessel storage racks allow efficient vertical storage, making it possible to keep items neatly organized while taking up minimal floor space.

These picks can go a long way in making your kitchen a more manageable space.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of searching for lost items, and welcome a home that is streamlined and stress-free. Unlock the potential of your kitchen area with these smart storage solutions.

Additional tip

Tile smart your kitchen floor.

Most kitchens have busy countertops and walls. To refrain from making your kitchen appear congested, keep the remainder of the space in a neutral or basic color scheme. This will allow the distinctiveness of the rest of the design to speak for itself. Wilcon Depot’s Eco Ceramica has got your back.

Eco Ceramica offers the Seattle Series, a variety of premium tiles with different styles and colors that can work wonders for your next kitchen project. Porcelain, polished, and rectified, these tiles are ideal for transforming spaces with sharp edges, seamless finishes, and aesthetic allure.

The Seattle Series not only enhances the visual appeal but also elevates the overall assembly process, culminating in a surface that is both striking and aesthetically pleasing.

Built-in burners for a modern cooking experience

This rangehood leaves a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen. The built-in gas hob is designed to be integrated into your countertop. It is featured with three burners, ideal for various cooking needs.

This is best partnered with the Retractable Rangehood that can easily pull down when needed and be tucked away when not in use, making your countertop cluttered-free. The touch control feature also allows you to easily adjust the fan speed and lighting, based on your liking.

Add charm and functionality to your kitchen space with Wilcon Depot’s selection of quality products. Visit any Wilcon Depot branch near you, and achieve your kitchen room makeover.

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