Wonkette today! More apologies and libel bills for human beer fart James O’Keefe!

Man, James O’Keefe is still having to do libel settlements, and he got fired from Project Veritas a year ago.

More Apologies And Libel Bills For Human Beer Fart James O’Keefe

There were some tabs! They were pretty good if I say so myself!

11 Things That Will Get You Banned For Life From A Cruise! Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 8, 2024

Sure, probably. Probably true.

Trump Says If He Can’t Commit Crimes, Bush, Obama, And Biden Will Go To Jail. Is That True?

Also this, probably. Probably true.

Sure, But What If Nikki Haley IS Trying To Steal The Indiana Primary From Trump?

Wanna watch a SCOTUS? I did. They were annoying.

LIVE: Supreme Court Hears Trump 14th Amendment Case. We Got Any Gamblers In The House?

I saw a Williamson sign on a house in Detroit last week, and I laughed and laughed.

Marianne Williamson Drops Out Of Campaign You'd Forgotten She Was In

Total RINO that James Lankford. For sure!

'Popular' MAGA Idiot Who Threatened James Lankford Maybe Not So Popular, But Heck Of A Story, James!

This actually IS true!

You Know What Solves Poverty? Throwing Money At It!


Five Or Six 'Guardian Angel' Vigilantes Jump Out Of Fox News Live Segment And Just Start Whaling On This One Guy

Whatever, bored of him and his Unabomber she-shed show.

EU Could Sanction Tucker Carlson For His Little Russian Adventure, And MAGA Is SQUEALING

Oh! That’s all of them! See you bright and early for tabs!


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