Wonkette Movie Night: Keanu – by ziggywiggy

What would you do if someone kidnapped your kitty?

I already know the answer to that. Probably something like what Jordan Peele’s character Rell does for Keanu.

Who could resist this adorable little one?

An adorable kitten shows up on Rell Dresden’s doorstep. Needing something to care about after a recent break-up, Rell names the cute little furball Keanu. Coming home after seeing a movie with his cousin Clarence, they find Rell’s place broken into and Keanu missing. The adventure begins as the search for Keanu goes in many crazy directions. No spoilers from me so that’s almost all I am saying about tonight’s movie. Getting back to my first question.

We all can tell the story of how a pet became family. Those stories are about rescues, it just differs on who was saving whom.

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Everyone knows my Bear.


Bear looked a little less glorious when I first met him. It was a cold October morning in 2011. I was asleep and awakened when my roommate plopped a tiny, wet creature on my chest. Without my contacts I can’t see anything. With glee she says, it’s a kitten! Found him on the street.

Pulling him close I react like Clarence does upon seeing Keanu for the first time.

“Oh my god, that’s the cutest cat I’ve ever seen in my life!”

In cleaning him up I found he had it rough on the streets. The incredibly sticky glue that is used in those awful rat traps had glued his tail to his leg. Half his whiskers had been clipped and his nose had a cut.

Baby Bear gets his first taste of milk.

But he was happy. We bonded immediately. He would follow me around like a puppy and loved being held on my shoulder like a baby. He wasn’t supposed to be my cat as I had three already. But my roommate and I agreed Bear had chosen me. And I am glad he did. 

Because in saving them, they save us.

For those new to Movie Night you may wonder what’s up with the kitty on the movie posters?

That’s Axl, the Wonkette Movie Night mascot. His first appearance was in the poster for Clue

I used to list ALL the times! Now I make you do math.

His rescue came on a Movie Night in 2022. A friend of Wonker 2Cats2Furious had heard meowing beneath her car, the friend had just finished a twenty minute drive where two kittens had been seen in an abandoned strip mall parking lot.

One was rescued immediately but the other had disappeared, until they heard that meowing coming from beneath the car.

Axl earning his name! Photo courtesy of 2Cats2Furious.

2Cats2Furious took him in and helped him battle serious health issues as he was such a smol one, but he was a fighter.

That little fighter became our mascot and I started a Wonkette Movie Night tradition. Find Babby Axl in the movie posters. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard, but it is always fun. He has also become all grown up.

Teen Axl. Photo courtesy of 2Cats2Furious.

So this has been a movie post about cats. Please add your own pet rescue stories to the non-comments!

Keanu stars Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Tiffany Haddish and Keanu Reeves. Directed by Peter Atencio.

Available for $3.19 on Prime. For $2.99 on Vudu, YouTube, Google Play and Apple TV.

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Fill the treat bowl, grab a beverage, some catnip and enjoy!

The cartoon is Felix the Cat in The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg from 1936. It is a Rainbow Parade cartoon from Van Beuren productions.

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