WH Deputy Press Sec Concern Trolls GOP For Opposing Machines to Detect Fentanyl – Twitchy

As you now know, the text of the Senate’s bipartisan compromise bill on securing the border (and funding Ukraine) has been released, and House Republicans have declared it dead on arrival. True conservatives oppose the bill, which allocates three times more spending to Ukraine than it does to the U.S. border.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates (imagine being under Karine Jean-Pierre in the pecking order) did some concern-trolling Monday, asking if the GOP really wanted to go on record as the party that refused to fund “100 cutting-edge inspection machines to help detect fentanyl.”

How about if we close the border so the fentanyl doesn’t get in?

Hmm …


The crisis that wasn’t a crisis until last week, when we were assured the border was secure. Now that the Senate has this garbage bill, we can call it a crisis. President Joe Biden’s been in office for three years — what has he done in that time to secure the border, aside from suing Texas any time it but up a barrier?

Oh, he knows.

Congress just needs to give Biden the authority and he’ll close the border immediately!

They’re already putting together the Biden 2024 campaign ads telling how Republicans refused to fund new Border Protection personnel and cutting-edge machines that can detect fentanyl. Which might work if Biden didn’t have three years of this crisis hanging around his neck.


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