The Crown to Doctor Who: 12 of the best TV shows to watch this November

11. Archie

Jason Isaacs plays one of the most dashing stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age in this four-part biopic about Archibald Leach, better known by the name a movie studio gave him, Cary Grant. The series goes back and forth between 1961 and the past, with several younger actors also playing Archie, and Harriet Walter as his mother. The series’ writer, Jeff Pope (co-writer of The Lost King and Philomena), has said that Grant’s impoverished childhood in Bristol was “the key to everything” in his future. Grant’s former wife, Dyan Cannon, and their daughter, Jennifer Grant, are executive producers of the show. Photos suggest that Isaacs, whose many varied roles include Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, really captures Grant’s look. How? “I play him in his 80s, so that’s a lot of prosthetics,” Isaacs told Empire magazine. “When he’s much younger, there’s lots of architectural things pulling me up with hooks and strings”.

Archie premieres on 23 November on ITVX in the UK, and in December on Britbox in the US

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