The Catholic Culture Podcast: Episode 39 – Composing Liturgical Music That’s Noble, Accessible… and Sacred

May 29, 2019

Paul Jernberg is a composer of sacred music and director of the
Magnificat Institute, which offers education in the patrimony of
Catholic liturgical music. He tells Thomas about his career,
including an interesting digression about gospel music and its
relation to Catholic liturgy, the criterion of “noble
accessibility” in liturgical music, and what Roman Catholic
composers can learn from the ancient Eastern chant traditions.

This episode contains selections from Jernberg’s Mass of St.
Philip Neri
, used with permission. If you would like to hear
more episodes with music throughout, please send Thomas feedback at


Purchase the Mass of St. Philip Neri album

Magificat Institute of Sacred Music

Paul Jernberg, “The Logos of Sacred Music”

Jernberg on David Clayton’s Way of Beauty Podcast:

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