The Catholic Culture Podcast: Episode 36 – Bridges to Hell or Heaven: “Toxic Femininity” and the Spirit of Anti-Mary

May 1, 2019

One of the core things that has gone wrong with our culture in
the past several decades is the denigration of every virtue
associated with the perfect woman, Mary. Gentleness, humility,
(true) beauty and especially motherhood: these are all antithetical
to the radical feminism that is now thoroughly mainstream. If
modern women are rejecting the very model of womanhood, it’s no
wonder the data tells us they’re miserable. What they have embraced
instead is described by Carrie Gress as the spirit of

Carrie’s new book, The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the
Culture from Toxic Femininity
, details how Satan has used
women’s malcontent as an entry point to completely devastate them
and the culture they were meant to create and nurture. She dispels
the illusion of the sisterhood, as early radical feminism was
filled with backstabbing, mental illness, and unhappy women who
hated not only men but each other. She argues that the misbehavior
of so many women today is a defense mechanism due to the lack of
unconditional love from their parents. Finally, she points women to
Mary and her virtues as a way of finding contentment in the
unconditional love of God the Father, and of rediscovering the
feminine beauty that will be crucial to healing our culture’s


The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic

Episode 4 – The Marian Option – Carrie Gress

Carrie Gress

Theology of Home (used to be Helena Daily)

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