So-Called Pastor Pushing for MORE Racism During Black History Month Goes SO WRONG It’s Almost Biblical – Twitchy

Looks like ‘pastor’ Dr. Kevin Young wants congregations to focus on being more racist during Black History Month. Seems he doesn’t really understand why we go to church in the first place and wants to make it political.

We read a lot of stupid stuff (it comes with the gig) but this is impressively stupid. 

And short-sighted.

Ok, white guy.

How about we just worship, love, and treat one another with respect regardless of color at church and in every aspect of our lives? Why not stop pushing division and instead push unity? Instead of vengeance, acceptance, and fellowship?

He should try it.


Crazy, right?


Or, tell us you get more out of division than unity without telling us you get more out of division than unity.

And nobody cares. We get it, the Left wants the Right to FREAK OUT that Jesus was not a white man but c’mon … what year is it? Get a new talking point, ffs.

Just sayin’.




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