Saturday Morning Car Tunes: The Flute

The flute is all over pop culture, from ‘70s disco to ‘90s hip-hop. But in classical music, the instrument represents peace, calm, and the early morning. Debussy, John Williams, Michael Jackson, and Lizzo introduce us to the world’s first musical instrument. Whether it’s made from animal bones, wood, silver, or gold, the flute becomes more than just a hollow tube when you blow air across it at the right angle. Some people think flutes sound like birds… But what do you think?

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Solomon Reynolds

A native of Houston, TX, Samoan American tenor Solomon Reynolds has equal passions for classical music and indie pop. He recently performed as Perchik in the First Nat’l Tour of Fiddler on the Roof. In addition to stage roles, Solomon is also an active singer-songwriter under his artist name, Solly.

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