Police Continue to Use Controversial ‘Pain Grip’ on Eco-Terrorists – Twitchy

Protesters have got to stop blocking roads. It was just a couple of weeks ago that we saw an elderly American man shoot two eco-protesters who were blocking traffic in Panama. Their blocking of traffic didn’t seem to have changed his views on carbon emissions.

You’d think that would have given protesters planning to block traffic a reason to question the wisdom of doing it. But in Germany, climate alarmists were back sitting in the streets. Unlike Seattle, though, German police actually went to work removing them from the road (they were smart enough not to glue themselves at least).

One X user notes from this video that German police are still using the controversial “Pain Grip” to remove eco-protesters from the road. Consider this you feel-good video of the day:

What’s controversial about it?

But they’re saving the planet from becoming uninhabitable within just a few years.


Commenters have assured us this is a basic wrist lock learned in any martial arts class on the first day, but calling it a “pain grip” … well, it doesn’t do anything. Whatever you call it, it’s working.


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