Lion Prowls Streets Of Italian Town After Escaping Circus. Tabs, Tues., Nov. 14, 2023

Tabs gif from your bestie Martini Glambassador

Republicans wanted to reduce White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s salary to $1. They get off on Black women working for almost nothing. (The Root)

Good news regarding Baltimore’s homicide rate, unless you are pro-homicide, which is weird. (Baltimore Banner)

This Republican-dominated Bucks County, Pennsylvania, school board banned books. Democrats swept them out of power last week. See, we’re paying attention now. (NPR)

Democrat Don Samuel is challenging Ilhan Omar again in the 2024 primary. He only narrowly lost last time, but he probably has reason to believe his chances have improved in a rematch. Minneapolis defense attorney Sarah Gad had declared his primary challenge against Omar in August. (CBS News)

St. Louis County prosecutor Wesley Bell is abandoning a likely doomed match against Sen. Josh Hawley and is challenging Rep. Cori Bush in next year’s Democratic primary. Bell is specifically calling out Bush’s stance on Israel. (Washington Post)

This lion is enjoying the Italian night life.

Cynthia Tucker reminds us that repugnant speech is still free speech in America. (Dallas News)

Sandra Williams Ortega, the first Black woman in the US Air Force, endured racism and discrimination at the hands of white officers, but she refused to give up. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

“I was on a mission,” Ortega, 86, of Marlton, Burlington County, recalled last month. “I had been put there not for me, but for the Black race and to open doors for Black women. That’s what got me through.”

Jamelle Bouie details how Republicans walked into multiple rakes last week with their bigoted “culture war” tactics. (New York Times)

This article about Black contributions to US agriculture is from this summer, but Thanksgiving is next week. Let’s show some love. (The Guardian)

Brilliant comedian Robin Thede said that on her series, “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” they “don’t believe in straight men.” I’m no genius but I understand what she meant, but unfortunately, the usual suspects assumed she was attacking heterosexual dudes. The world is silly. (Vulture)

Megan Thee Stallion has battled depression, an important admission from people who might imagine Black women are so stereotypically powerful they lack normal human feelings. (MSNBC)

I’m already sold on a restaurant called Fried Egg I’m In Love. (Eater)

The kid makes a darn good Tiny Tim, if I say so myself.


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