Links 11/20/2023 | naked capitalism

Links 11/20/2023

Love thy neighbor: Cooperation extends beyond one’s own group in wild bonobos

Dismantling the Walls in Our Heads Sapiens

Study Finds a Potential Downside to Vigorous Exercise We Didn’t Know About Science Alert


Richest 1% account for more carbon emissions than poorest 66%, report says Guardian

Burning Coal To Survive Climate Change NOEMA

Conservation programs offer solutions to climate threats, but are vastly underfunded  Investigate Midwest

Who’s Buying Nebraska? Corporations, investors grabbing giant chunks of Nebraska farmland Flatwater Free Press

Toxic Train Bombs

Union Pacific Fired Him Rather Than Heed His Warnings of Dangerous Rail Conditions ProPublica


A trip down troubled waters, drought on the Mississippi River KARE11


What I’m Reading: Pushing back on pandemic revisionism. Inside Medicine

NYC launches $4 million COVID vaccine campaign targeting poorer neighborhoods New York Post

Employees who violate Amazon’s return-to-office mandate will be blocked from promotions: ‘Your manager will be made aware’ Fortune

California workers died of a preventable disease. The threat was known years earlier. Los Angeles Times. Silicosis.

Old Blighty

Britain’s SAS Abetting Gaza Genocide? Al Mayadeen

Homelessness, Destitution, and Hunger Soar in the UK Human Rights Watch


Dollar Scarcity is Pushing More African Countries to Crisis Modern Diplomacy

The three-stage process through which African resource sovereignty was ceded to foreign mining corporations Review of African Political Economy


The Big Reveal goes awry Frozen Garlic. On the breakdown of the Taiwan joint presidential ticket.

European Disunion

Latvian Foreign Minister Karins Signals Interest in NATO Top Job Bloomberg

Germany Buys Three More Poseidon, Increasing Question Marks On MAWS Naval News

Germany: Pistorius on the Road to the Chancellery Thanks to the Bundeswehr? Defense Aerospace


Palestinian death toll in Gaza Strip rises to 13,000 since Oct. 7 Anadolu Agency

Israeli forces advance in Gaza City as Benjamin Netanyahu resists ceasefire calls FT

U.S. Believes Netanyahu Will Eventually Support Palestinian Authority Controlling Gaza Ha’aretz

Former Maj. Gen. and head of the Israeli National Security Council, Strategic Planning Branch of the IDF:


A Chain of Proxy Wars Looms Large Behind Gaza Modern Diplomacy

To Bluff or Not to Bluff imetatronink

Iran unveils hypersonic missile as Khamenei urges Muslim states to sever Israel ties Al Arabiya

Houthis ‘hijack’ Israeli-owned car carrier Galaxy Leader Lloyd’s List

US faces rift amid Resistance ops against bases, troops in Syria, Iraq Al Mayadeen

Europe is following the US into another disastrous war Middle East Eye

New Not-So-Cold War

New Raft of Articles Tighten the Screws on Zelensky, Plead for Course Correction Simplicius the Thinker

IS ZELENSKY BEING PREPPED TO JOIN THE FRIENDS OF THE U.S. CLUB? Larry Johnson, A Son of the New American Revolution

Zelensky Reveals Moscow’s ‘Maidan 3’ Plan: Disinformation Campaign Aiming to Spark Coup Kyiv Post


Ukrainian Pilot Defects to Russia: U.S. Arms Cutoff and Counteroffensive Fallout Crush Morale Military Watch Magazine

Russia is transitioning to gas heating in the countryside – Europe is moving to log fireplaces in the city Gilbert Doctorow

In Putin’s Russia Politics is War by Other Means and War is Revolutionizing Russian Military Affairs Gordon Hahn, Russian & Eurasian Politics

The West’s Pro-Armenian Pivot Is Complete After The US & EU Openly Took Its Side Andrew Korybko

Imperial Collapse Watch

Pentagon Fails 6th Audit in a Row and Their Excuses Are Hilarious Ken Klippenstein

South of the Border

O Canada

Federal COVID-19 benefits briefly halved poverty rate among Toronto’s low-income workers: analysis The Globe and Mail

B-a-a-a-a-d Banks

Blackstone Top Bidder for Signature’s Commercial Property Loans PYMNTS

The Dismal Science

Why Mainstream Economics Got Inflation Wrong Project Syndicate

Spook Country

Hard Truths Break Bans Tarik Cyril Amar’s Substack

A Jan. 6 defendant pleads his case to the son who turned him in New York Times


Poll: Biden’s standing hits new lows amid Israel-Hamas war NBC News. “…strong majorities of all voters disapprove of his handling of foreign policy and the Israel-Hamas war.” Commentary:

Newsom TV ad hits DeSantis on abortion as Fox debate looms Politico


Supermarket Squeeze: The Real Costs of the Kroger-Albertsons Deal American Economic Liberties Project

Realignment and Legitimacy

Why Democrats Became The Totalitarians They Warned Us About Public


In the battle to bring ousted founder Sam Altman back to OpenAI, Microsoft and Satya Nadella hold the trump cards Fortune

Yaccarino On Hot Seat As Ad Execs Urge Twitter CEO To Resign Forbes

Our Famously Free Press

Jezebel, a Peeing Device, and Me Slate


Boston experimented with using generative AI for governing. It went surprisingly well Fast Company. Many layers of BS.

In Pennsylvania and elsewhere, A.I. is being applied to the nation’s aging infrastructure. Is that wise? New York Times

Minding the AI Power Gap: The Urgency of Equality for Global Governance Tech Policy Press


Mayo operating gain doubles in Q3 Becker’s Hospital Review. Looks like Mayo’s scorched earth threats to prevent Minnesota nursing staff standards paid off.

Mayo Clinic workers say they have terrible health insurance Minnesota Reformer. From October 25, still germane.

Police State Watch

Countless hours of LAPD body camera videos go unwatched. Could AI be the answer? Los Angeles Times

Debunking the Myth of a Shoplifting Crisis Governing

Supply Chain

Germany considers Ozempic export ban amid shortages Reuters

CDC rushes extra doses of Sanofi, AZ’s Beyfortus to ease supply shortfall Fierce Pharma

25% of current drug shortages are more than 5 years old Becker’s Hospital Review

Book Nook

Contemplating Cormac McCarthy High Country News

Class Warfare


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