Lightweight Organ-Mimicking Pianos : hammond 1

Hammond has released its most lightweight and portable keyboard – the M-Solo. Weighing just under 8 pounds, the M-Solo is designed to reproduce the distinctive sound of the Hammond B-3 authentically despite its compact size. Featuring a virtual ‘multi-touch’ keybed, the M-Solo captures the raw, tactile experience of playing a classic B-3 organ, enhanced by a high-definition digital Leslie speaker that delivers fully fleshed-out organ tones.

The 49-key M-Solo incorporates essential Hammond features, including traditional drawbars, vibrato-chorus, touch-response percussion, transpose and octave shift controls, and 2 user-programmable preset tabs for convenience.

Notably, the M-Solo goes beyond B-3 sounds, offering three period-accurate models of popular transistor “Combo Organs,” a ’70s String ensemble, and an analog-polysynth with twin oscillators. The piano also comes with a carrying bag

Image Credit: Hammond

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