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Yesterday was all kinds of bad news for Joe Biden, his administration, and his supporters. Sure, Biden isn’t going to be prosecuted for his classified documents scandal, but the only reason he is not going to be prosecuted is because special counsel Robert Hur concluded that the current (part-time) resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can barely remember what day it is, let alone whether he locked up the documents he kept in his garage. 

To make matters oh, so much worse for Biden, he and his team decided that it would be a fantastic idea for him to hold a prime-time press conference on the matter. Whoa Nelly, was THAT a mistake. When Biden wasn’t shouting non sequiturs at Peter Doocy and other reporters in his brief 10-minute presser, he was confusing the leaders of Egypt and … Mexico? (Hey, who among us hasn’t, right?)

It’s times like this when the Biden administration vitally counts on its corporate media lapdogs to run cover for him. While most of them, including the New York Times, Greg Sargent, and John Harwood followed those instructions to a T (they love a good ‘Republicans pounce’ story, after all), not everyone was fully on script. 

Enter MSNBC’s Katy Tur, who had former Biden spokeswoman and current fellow MSNBC apparatchik (like there’s a difference) on her show to discuss the special counsel’s findings. During the segment, Tur committed the cardinal sin of accidentally admitting that, hey, there might be something to this ‘right-wing narrative’ about Biden’s mental health after all. Watch:  

Even if you don’t turn the audio on that clip, the anguished expression on Tur’s face — as she brings up the subject that Democrats are NEVER allowed to bring up — is priceless. Her relevant pained question to Psaki was: 


‘But I do wonder if having this narrative enforced which the Rrepublicans are going to use and which people already feel just by looking at the President when he’s on television … this narrative is not one that is very worrying.’

(It’s a tortured question, of course, but what she meant was, she thinks it’s possible that the issue IS very worrying.)

Psaki tries to deflect the question by pretending that the ‘narrative’ is Biden’s age and not his clear and obvious mental decline. She basically filibusters the rest of the segment with the counter that Donald Trump is not that much younger than Biden. 

Tur concludes the segment by trying to argue that Trump is not the same person he was eight years ago, which may be true, but laughable in comparison to the brain freezes America sees from Biden on a daily basis.

But it was too late for her to cover it up. Tur committed the heresy of admitting that there may be a point to Biden’s cognitive impairment (and Americans see it). The mob does not tolerate ANY deviation from the script, let alone one as serious as this could be. 

The leftists proceeded to have a full-scale meltdown about her, as ‘Katy Tur’ trended all night on Twitter. 

And we grabbed some popcorn for it. 

Sorry, truth? Psaki wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her on her tuchus. She did say one accurate thing during the segment — that Americans on both sides would very much like younger candidates — but other than that, it was pure deflection. She wouldn’t even let Tur (who is the host here, mind you) answer her when Psaki asked ‘What narrative?’ 

And we all know why she wouldn’t let Tur answer that question. 

The tribe has spoken … in Lord of the Flies fashion. Tur must be expelled. She uttered the forbidden words. 

LOL. Citing a scripted statement from Mark Milley is SURE to convince people that Biden is mentally fit.

Yes, she must be a right-wing extremist like everyone else on Fox, right? That’s the only explanation. It couldn’t be that Biden shakes hands with ghosts when he appears on stage. 

Breaking: the left can’t meme. 

Oh, dear. There’s so much brainwashing in that tweet, we really don’t even know where to begin. That person needs SERIOUS therapy.

But by far, our favorite meltdown came from ‘influencer’ BrooklynDad_Defiant, who just completely lost what little mind he has.

Here is the full tweet:


Your entire block of midday programming, starting with Andrea Mitchell and ending with Katy Tur, is horrible and highly unwatchable. 

It forces me to change the channel, and sometimes just turn the TV off entirely. 

I am not alone in this opinion. Their coverage of President Biden is usually very unfair, unbalanced, negative, and even Fox News-like. 

Know your audience. 
This is an election year. 

Keep up the sh**ty coverage, and watch your ratings slip. Your key demographic is NOT trump supporters, it’s President Biden supporters.  

Start acting like it.

LOL. ‘Start acting like it.’ Who does this deadbeat dad think he is? But notice the tone of his tweet. MSNBC employees are not allowed to be ‘journalists.’ The left DEMANDS that they be full-throated apparatchiks or suffer the wrath of the mob. 

And, of course, he had to follow up with this reply to his own tweet. Because it’s all a grift: 

By the way, his YouTube channel barely has 20,000 subscribers in over two years. 

We’re hiding our chuckling right now…barely. 

OK, now we can’t contain the laughter anymore. For fair coverage, the left is demanding the return of … Nicolle Wallace. 

Please stop. We’re spitting up our drinks now. We haven’t laughed this hard since Biden confused the Ukranian people with the Iranian people. 

As for the response (other than the laughter) from the right to the leftists’ freak-outs just because the Tur dared to step one foot off the path? There were many, but we think this one sums it up perfectly: 

Indeed. Assuming humanity survives 2024, future historians and anthropologists could make their entire CAREERS writing about the ideologically captured left in the early 21st century and their shared woke mind virus. 

As for most of us conservatives? We’ll just be over here continuing to not trust almost ALL of the corporate media, regardless of network. It’s worked out pretty well so far.


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