Knox it down! California boys basketball game ends on dramatic three

A youth basketball game in California had a dramatic game-winner. With eight seconds left in the game, a coast-to-coast drive was capped off with a long-range three-pointer.

Celebrations would ensue.

Taking place at the Costa Mesa Boys and Girls Club, this gem of a highlight is just screaming for the Disney treatment, with dramatic music and the slow-motion rotation of the basketball as it heads toward the hoop.

The hero of the moment? Knox Kljestan, who lifted his team (the Warriors) to a 38-37 win in the game’s waning moments. It was a playoff winner no less in a league for six and seven-year-olds.

This is USA TODAY High School Sports but the rules need to be bent on this one. A great moment (and some nice camerawork to get the shot).

If that last name sounds somewhat familiar, it should. Knox’s father is Sacha Kljestan, a former star midfielder who played 52 times for the United States national team. He was a fan favorite in Belgium for Champions League club Anderlecht and was twice named to the MLS Best XI.

Here is the game-winner (and celebration) from Wednesday’s game-winner:


The reaction from the parents and the bench is priceless, to say the least. Doubtful that anyone involved in this game will forget this ending for quite some time, if ever.

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