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This will take a little bit of background, but the end result is pretty funny. So its worth it.

First, we presume by now you know who Ibram X. Kendi is. He is basically a scholar who justifies affirmative action. He argues that basically that every time black people don’t achieve as much as white people, we should just assume racism is to blame. Of course this is ultimately silly. While we believe that the races are equal, we don’t assume everything constantly works out perfectly equally, all across the board. Sometimes cultural quirks result in one group or another dominating particular fields.

For instance, to take things outside of America, for many years the Russians dominated chess. No person would think that anything in the Russian people made them better at chess. But maybe Russian children saw one or two Russian superstars being praised and decided to give the game a chance and even more people who had the talent to be good at chess were found. And maybe seeing Russian dominance discouraged people from other countries. In short, no discrimination is necessary to explain why for some weird reason the Russians dominated in that game.

And of course, Kendi then takes that belief that all inequality can only be explained by racism to justify affirmative action. As he wrote:

The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.

We think he is popular because he tells the paternalistically racist Democrats what they want to hear.

As for Colin Wright, he describes himself as an ‘Evolutionary Biology PhD’ and he has popped up on this site several times, here, here and here, primarily dealing with the madness of transgender ideology. We don’t think his scientific expertise comes into play here, but he is a smart guy and we respect him a lot.

In any case, it started with a man named Kareem Carr. He describes himself as statistician and a ‘Stats PhD student @Harvard.’ Of course, being a Harvard student was much more impressive before David Hogg became one of them, but we won’t hold that against Mr. Carr. He was arguing against the claim that we could statistically control for racism, and we will print some of his argument here:


He goes on, but we think the mistake he is making is that NRO is talking about isolating the effects of racism in particular institutions, and Carr is conflating that with the effects in society. In other words, you might have a recruiting department for a hospital system, looking to hire the best possible doctors. And examining their decision-making process, and isolating for education, years of experience, positive outcomes in the past, and all other relevant factors, you can look to see if there is evidence that race is playing a role in personnel decisions.

Now Mr. Carr would probably say ‘but for racism, more black doctors would have had better education, experience and outcomes.’ Maybe so, but that wasn’t the question asked. Ultimately, we don’t think there is any meaningful way determine whether something as amorphous as ‘society’ is engaged in discrimination. We think it can only be determined one institution at a time. And any other approach risks creating a situation where the effects of racial discrimination is assumed as an article of faith, and it becomes an unfalsifiable claim.

In any case, that prompted Christopher Rufo to question this analysis:

We don’t know if racism can be defined by ‘science,’ but we prefer to think of it philosophically as the opposite of Dr. King’s dream: To judge a person by the color of their skin and not the content of his or her character. Anti-white racists hate this definition because it means that people of all colors can be racist, but we stand by it. In any case, this led to Wright offering his response:

The cut off text says:

For those not familiar with the Kendi scale, 1 Kendi refers to the quantity of racism, measured in Kendis, it takes to reach 1 Kendi.

And we guess every time someone says something about Ibram X. Kendi, the man finds out and, in this case, he chose to respond:

Which brings us to the five humiliating words from Wright:

Like this wasn’t obvious to Kendi in his ‘imaginary?’ Certainly, the part talking about 1,619 Kendis—obviously a reference to the 1619 project—should have at least made Kendi cautious.

And as for that weird use of the word ‘imaginary,’ it’s something Kendi apparently does a lot:

So … is he trying to redefine how we use the term ‘imaginary,’ or is he just a moron who has been misusing an ordinary term? We honestly don’t know.

Wright even explained the joke a little more:


That linked-to post is amazing. 

Wow, we have no words. It reminds us slightly of when we read ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’ and discovered that the Nation of Islam actually believed that the white race was invented by a mad scientist. It’s like Scientology and racism had a baby.

And if you don’t know how nuts Scientology is at its core, we’ll let South Park explain it to you:

Mind you, this doesn’t mean we hate Scientologists or something like that. We can have deep disagreements with a person’s faith and still think the person is a good person. We ultimately judge people as individuals. And we are aware that to a degree nearly every religion looks a little silly to people who don’t believe. But, as religions go, that is nuttier than usual. 

That is almost certainly a reference to Elie Mystal (who is a man).

That would be likely another numerical joke. ‘187’ is a common slang reference to murder, as a reference to part of the California Penal Code. We think here it is his version of ‘hello 911, I’d like to report a murder.’

We think he gets rightward attention because he justifies unlawful racial discrimination. We are in a weird cultural moment where a huge swath of society has basically started ignoring the law on antidiscrimination, and Kendi seems to be leading the charge.

And in this case, he’s getting attention because he faceplanted, badly.

Fair point.

What, pray tell, is the relevance of Fonzi jumping over a shark? We are totally stumped … 

(No, we aren’t actually stumped, Mr. Kendi. We are joking.)

Thank you for that.


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