Investigation Shows Israeli Helicopters Killed Israelis at Music Festival – Twitchy

Hamas’ invasion of Israel began with Hamas paragliders landing at an open-air music festival and opening fire on innocent civilians. We’ve already heard from terrorist apologists that most of those kids were killed in the crossfire between Hamas terrorists and IDF soldiers, so Israel probably killed most of them in its lust to kill Palestinians.

Now we’re getting a “breaking” report that an investigation suggests that many of the concert-goers were killed by Israeli helicopters.



Ah, according to a “source.” Also in fairness, Israel would actually admit this if it were true. How many of the 364 people murdered at the festival were killed by Hamas terrorists, who then moved into residential areas and killed 1,400 Israelis?

It’s possible that an Israeli was struck by accident, but we’ve seen video posted by the Hamas terrorists themselves who stormed the festival and drove off with unconscious hostages. Trita Parsi is posting this only to fuel the conspiracy theories that IDF soldiers actually killed all the festival-goers while aiming at Hamas “freedom fighters.”


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