Immigrant Who Chose to Become an American Shares KICK-BUTT Thread About What It Means to Be an American – Twitchy

We don’t know about you guys but we REALLY needed this today.

Once again we are lucky enough to stumble across a fairly outstanding thread that needs very little from us as far as commentary. She brings up such good points about idiots hating on our country … she doesn’t call them idiots but this is Twitchy and this editor has zero patience for America-haters.

ANYWAY, read her thread. It’s awesome.

Here we go:

Love this.

She gets it. 

Oh, it gets better.

Everthing is considered racist now … thanks Democrats.


She’s right you know.

A culture of individualism … that’s perfect.

Fair points.


Unless they’re totally cynical like this editor … ahem.

Excellent point.

YAAAAS. Democrats, are you paying attention?

It’s one thing to be neighborly, it’s another to be nosy.

Americans love America.


So damn good.



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