Hamas Terrorists Are Surrendering En Masse – Twitchy

We’re seeing a few of those “How it started/How it’s going” posts today in regards to Hamas. Were they actually flooded out of their tunnels when Israel began pumping in millions of gallons of sea water?

Today’s the two-month anniversary of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel and the slaughter of over a thousand innocent civilians and the taking of more than 200 hostages, so let’s check in:

According to a bunch of people in the replies, these are innocent Palestinian civilians, not Hamas members. The Zionists have just set this up as a propaganda opportunity.

Israel has already killed all the women and children, or so we’ve been told by the Gaza Health Ministry.


They’re probably being “arbitrarily” arrested, because that’s what Israel does.

Someone tried adding a Community Note claiming that the men in the truck were not Hamas, but it must have been voted down because it’s not there now.


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