Get Ready To Be Thankful For This Terrible, Terrible Thanksgiving Song I Just Remembered Exists

grey cat in a sink
The Curtains, a/k/a Minky Boy, courtesy of our friend BillEGoatSmirk, a/k/a BillEGoatSmile

Happy Weekend!

As you are all surely getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving/planning out how to gracefully exit certain conversations with certain relatives, I thought we’d pregame here a bit today with the single greatest Thanksgiving song of all time … “It’s Thanksgiving” by Nicole Westbrook.

This banger was produced 11 years ago (so rude!) by Patrice Wilson, the same rich-kid-exploiting weirdo who brought us “Friday” by Rebecca Black (who is actually pretty good now!), which I think means it is now legally a classic, even if I am the only one who remembers it.

I mean, she sings into a turkey leg and has a weird Thanksgiving party with all children and one adult man in a turkey costume. What is better than that?

That’s not all I’m giving you to be thankful for this weekend, either. Because my friend threw an absolutely batshit 18th birthday party for her cat, Gertie, this week, complete with lottery tickets and a “trip” to a cat strip club … and there is video.

You are welcome. Again.

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