Esports Venue Partnerships : xset x glytch

XSET, a gaming and lifestyle organization, has announced a partnership with Glytch, a gaming technology company that creates innovative products for gamers. The main purpose of the partnership is for the two companies to work together on future activations, in-person events, tournaments, and more.

Additionally, the partnership will see Glytch provide XSET with its flagship product, the Glytch Energy GPC-1, a gaming performance controller that enhances the speed, accuracy, and comfort of gaming. The GPC-1 is designed to work with any console or PC, and features a patented ergonomic design, a high-performance sensor, and a customizable RGB lighting system.

The partnership between XSET and Glytch is a strategic move for both parties, as they aim to expand their reach and influence in the gaming industry. XSET, which was founded in 2020, has grown rapidly to become one of the most diverse and inclusive gaming organizations in the world, with teams and creators across various genres and platforms. Glytch, which was founded in 2019, has developed cutting-edge gaming technology that enhances the performance and experience of gamers. By collaborating, XSET and Glytch hope to create a competitive edge for themselves and their fans, and to showcase their products and values to a wider audience.

Image Credit: XSET

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