148—Being Is Better Than Not Being—Christopher Mirus

Nov 18, 2022

Christopher V. Mirus, your host’s older brother, is a philosophy
professor at the University of Dallas, and author of the new book
Being Is Better Than Not Being: The Metaphysics of Goodness and
Beauty in Aristotle
. In this episode he discusses being a
philosopher in the Aristotelian tradition, compares Aristotle’s
intellectual and pedagogical approach with Plato’s, and touches on
some themes from his book.

How does Aristotle identify goodness with the ability to be
contemplated – even in the sphere of ethics? What is the relation
between friendship and contemplation? How can we call “beautiful”
things as different as a morally virtuous human action, the parts
of animals, the orbits of the heavenly spheres, and God Himself?
What does Aristotle mean when he says that being is better than not


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