Who is Dom DiSandro? What you need to know about Eagles’ viral celebrity

While not much is publicly known about DiSandro because of his quiet nature and reserved demeanor, here’s what fans should know about the Eagles’ newest viral sensation:

He wears many hats

While his official title is senior adviser to the general manager/chief security officer, anyone involved with the Eagles organization will tell you DiSandro does a heck of a lot more than what his job description says.

DiSandro’s official responsibilities include overseeing “all safety and security matters for players, coaches and executives” and directing “security at the team’s training complex, is responsible for security measures related to team travel and logistics and provides education on the NFL’s personal conduct policy,” per the team’s official website.

His unofficial duties include being a friend and confidant to players, a sounding board to coaches and the eyes and ears of the front office. Former Eagles coach Chip Kelly said DiSandro should be “head of psychology,” per the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

DiSandro has been known to be the guy players turn to for help with legal matters such as parking tickets and other varying degrees of run-ins with the law, per the Inquirer. He also reportedly helps with travel accommodations such as procuring passports, arranging transportation and coordinating flight info. 

“They know that Dom has their back and that he’ll do anything for them and their families,” former Eagles coach Doug Pederson told the Inquirer. “He can talk players off of ledges or he can encourage guys, motivate guys. And if he has to bring out the discipline, he can do that, as well.”

He has quite a bit of pull in the organization

Per the Philly Inquirer, DiSandro waited outside the home of former offensive guard Evan Mathis following the birth of his second child with the sole responsibility of getting Mathis to the airport for a Week 11 game against the Green Bay Packers in November 2014.

The Eagles team plane was delayed on the tarmac of Philadelphia International airport for more than an hour waiting for Mathis’ arrival at DiSandro’s insistence — something that few others in the organization could have gotten away with.

“While DiSandro’s actions might have put the Eagles in a momentary predicament, it was indicative of the sway he has within the organization,” the Inquirer reported. “There may not be an employee whom owner Jeffrey Lurie entrusts with his franchise’s delicate matters more than the boxcar-built chief security officer.”

He’s a pillar of the community

Those who know him say DiSandro is big on giving back to the Philadelphia community. He donates 100 percent of the sale from his “Big Dom” clothing line to the Eagles Autism Foundation.

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