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Paul Farhi from the Washington Post belittled the concept of ‘citizen journalism’, earning him quite the ratio from the folks of Twitter/X.

It was not so much the idea that there are citizen journalists who deliver shoddy reporting that brought down an avalanche of criticism on the pompous Post reporter. It was the underlying implication that the ‘pros’ are markedly better.

In the early days of citizen journalism, we expected that they might get it wrong or be more biased than the ‘pros’. That distinction has been decimated by the great work of many citizen journalists and the shabby efforts of their professional counterparts.

In case you don’t remember, we recently highlighted Farhi’s attempt to run cover for the ‘pros’ who described Israeli children being kidnapped by Hamas hostage takers as being ‘detained’.

Those pros are often pretty bad at their job, Mr. Farhi.

Bingo. Citizen journalism is popular because professional journalists have performed so poorly.

Seriously, they disgraced themselves during Trump’s presidency.


Trump stood up, called them all fake news, and their response was to get even worse. They’ve brought this on themselves.

The frog is winning handily, by the way.

We been told you.

(Had to be done. Not sorry.)

LOL. Yes!

Could a citizen journalist have done any worse? Clearly not, and many did much better.

These folks did NOTHING when The New York Post was censored for reporting real, consequential news on the Hunter Biden laptop story. They looked the other way, or worse, they promoted the lie that it was Russian disinformation.

Take all the seats, bro.

Exactly, even a monkey can do it.

This is not going well for Farhi. LOL.

Paul Farhi wouldn’t need to tweet this if his professional buddies were doing a better job.

They’re being obsoleted by citizen journalists and Community Notes but still think they’re not the problem.


It’s so beautiful.


It’s true.

It’s not really all that hard. Accurate reporting is good, no matter who delivers it.

Keep up the good work, citizen journalists. We’re pretty sure WaPo and others will continue to give you the opportunity to shine.


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