Stats Show How 1 Rookie NFL Defender Is Dominating


The NFL seems to be rapidly changing every year.

More and more rookies have come into the league and made an instant impact on their respective rosters, which has put a greater emphasis on the draft and planning for this event.

Several rookies have shown their value to their new teams this year, including the Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Devon Witherspoon.

As a recent tweet from PFF has pointed out, Witherspoon has been incredible on the year, especially in single coverage.

PFF highlighted his stats on the year, which include 16 targets against him, which opponents have turned into just three catches.

He has also forced seven incompletions, allowing a passer rate of less than 40 when receivers are targeted near him.

Witherspoon’s instant greatness has not only been a welcomed addition to the Seahawks’ defense but to their entire team as well.

The Seahawks are surging at the right time, winning three of their past four games and holding a record of 6-3.

They are now tied with the San Francisco 49ers for first place in the NFC West, a feat that not many expected coming into the year.

With a strong defense that is coupled with an offense that gets better every week, the sky is the limit for the Seahawks.

Witherspoon is outperforming all expectations, which could result in a Defensive Rookie of the Year award when all is said and done.

Of course, there is still plenty of football to be played, games that Witherspoon will need to continue to show his defensive prowess.

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