Seth Meyers Sends GOP Debate Into Filthiest Place

Seth Meyers on Tuesday hilariously inserted himself into last week’s Donald Trump-less third GOP presidential primary debate.

The “Late Night” host jumped into the moderator’s chair to grill candidates, thanks to some clever video editing and a bunch of well-timed questions.

Things took a filthy turn when Meyers (fake) quizzed businessman Vivek Ramaswamy on his favorite euphemisms for sex.

“Drill, frack, burn coal, embrace nuclear,” Ramaswamy replied.

“You know in high school I never got to embrace nuclear,” Meyers dinged in response.

Billionaire Elon Musk, the owner of the X platform formerly known as Twitter, made a cameo in the debate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis admitted his real aim of just wanting to return to his home state.

Watch the spoof debate here:

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