Roskam and Sloan are on the trail of big business

What do Judith Sloan and John Roskam have in common? Both are reflecting how business is losing its influence on the right. And they’d make a great cop show.

Judith Sloan, John Roskam (Images: Supplied)

I’d pay good money to watch a detective show called Roskam & Sloan. Two hard-bitten, seen-it-all right-wing cops set out to clean up the mean streets of this rotten town, or at least Melbourne. I can even hear the theme music, a bit like the melancholic version of The Sweeney theme that would play over that show’s end credits.

Due to an unforgivable lack of judgment on the part of local drama producers (cosseted lefty luvvies, as the pair would doubtless point out), I’ll have to make do with writing about Roskam and Sloan’s columns this week in the national broadsheet and the national business publication.

John Roskam is probably better known these days as a serial unsuccessful Liberal preselection candidate in Victoria, but he hails from a distant past when, with Chris Berg, he lent the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) some intellectual rigour. This week in the Financial Review he opined about the merry gathering of right-wing grifters in London called the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, organised by noted Benzo spokesperson Jordan Peterson.

Read more about the apparent split between the Australian right and big business…

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