Product Exploration Retailer Tools : Instacart discovery tools

These new Instacart discovery tools are being rolled out to help emerging brands connect with retailers and more from directly within the Platform Portal. The brand’s new digital sell sheets enable emerging brands to showcase the best aspects of their product easily to retailers, which is further enhanced with the Brand Explorer feature. This will enable retail partners to seamlessly search through and discovery the aforementioned sell sheets to locate the best options to offer in response to growing consumer demand for greater variety.

Chief Business Officer Chris Rogers spoke on the new Instacart discovery tools saying, “We know that driving distribution in more stores is a significant challenge for emerging brands. They’re working hard to break into a crowded industry, from attending trade shows to cold-calling retailers. Meanwhile, retail category teams are sifting through thousands of new products to find the right fit for their business and customers…Instacart is well positioned to connect innovative brands with retailers looking to expand their selection, empowering everyone with easy-to-access insights directly within Instacart’s self-serve technology.”

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