People Reveal What They Would Rather Do Than Listen to a Cringeworthy Lib Livestream – Twitchy

We’re gonna apologize right up front for putting the cringiest of cringe in your feed, but we couldn’t pass this one up.

Brian Tyler Cohen and Politics Girl (Leigh McGowan) teamed up in support of ‘WisDems’ (no, we’re serious, they actually call themselves that) to ‘sAvE dEMoCRacY’. The streaming event was being pimped by BrooklynDad_Defiant.

It’s truly a trifecta of fingernails-on-the-chalkboard progressive influencer irritants.

‘I’ll be tuning in, will you?’ asked Brooklyn Paid PAC Guy Defiant.

The people of TwitterX did not disappoint.

People definitely imagined many other things they’d rather do.

Many of you preferred to assume room temperature to being subjected to lib live streaming.

Others had prior obligations. LOL.

Many replies became quite specific.



We don’t blame him. They’re both torture.

Torture was a very popular alternative.

That is … quite the mental image. LOL.

HAHA! Can you imagine anything worse than 96 hours of Baby Shark?

Turns out some of you actually could imagine something worse.

Bwahaha! Okay, that was VERY detailed.

People really didn’t want to listen.

Hold on now. We have laws against cruel and unusual punishment.

There it is – the tweet that killed us. We’re officially dead.

Also, we won’t be enjoying a root beer float anytime soon.


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