Mike Johnson Looks Sad After CBO Exposes His Israel Aid Bill Scam

Speaker Mike Johnson didn’t seem to be handling it well after a CBO analysis found that his aid to Israel bill that would help wealthy people avoid taxes would increase the deficit by $14 billion.

The CBO found:

Johnson replied to the CBO score, “Only in Washington when you cut spending do they call it an increase in the deficit.”


The clip above was not the look of a happy camper.

Of course, Speaker Johnson knows that his bill also decreases revenues by getting rid of IRS agents who are trying to get the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share in taxes.

The blame Washington for the mythology that tax cuts or lack of tax enforcement pays for itself being debunking again card is getting very stale.

MAGA Mike is getting some hard lessons in governing. Magic thinking is not going to make cutting revenues by helping rich people dodge their taxes and make the books balance.

Mike Johnson’s bill blows up the deficit and doesn’t seem happy to have the CBO expose his fiscally conservative persona as a fraud.

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