HC John Harbaugh defends struggling Raven

One of the Ravens biggest signings of the offseason has greatly underwhelmed to begin the year, but head coach John Harbaugh believes much better days are ahead.

“Odell [Beckham Jr.]’s super talented, very determined, really has a high standard for himself,” Harbaugh told reporters. “He’s playing really well, and I just think it’s gonna pop. He’s going to start getting some big catches for us.”

Baltimore signed Beckham Jr. to a one-year, $15 million contract in the offseason but he has just 14 catches for 162 yards and zero touchdowns to show for it.

Although the Ravens got the win against the Cardinals in Week 8, Beckham Jr. showed his frustrations on the sideline, slamming his helmet to the ground.

Harbaugh understands Beckham Jr. wants to score but thinks he’s still making a difference even when he isn’t building on his stat line.

“They know who he is and they do not want to give up a completion to him,” Harbaugh said. “Odell, Lamar and all of us want those to be catches, but pass interference is the same as a catch in this league.”

The soon-to-be 31-year-old’s slow start to the season has some thinking Father Time has caught up to him. The veteran wide receiver has suffered two season-ending ACL injuries and is on his third team in three years, which proves teams don’t have a ton of confidence in him.

Like Harbaugh said, there is still plenty of time left in the season for Beckham Jr. to hit his stride, and it certainly helps that Baltimore is tied for the best record in the AFC (6-2). However, if Beckham Jr. continues struggling to make plays, 2023 may just be his farewell tour in the NFL.

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