Biden Celebrates UAW Victory As A Win For Workers

President Biden had some powerful words of congratulations for UAW workers at the White House.

While speaking at the White House, President Biden said:

I’ve just spoken with President Fain of the United Auto Workers. And, uh, let me say a few words about UAW and the big three automakers, Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. They have reached a historic agreement, and a hard fought agreement that was really battled for a while.

But it was all done in good faith. And, these record agreements reward auto workers who gave up much to keep the industry working and going during the financial crisis more than a decade ago. These agreements ensure the iconic Big Three can still lead the world in quality and innovation. Due to the commitment and solidarity of the UAW workers, we’ll exercise their right, their right to collectively bargain.

They’ve won a record contract with over a 30 percent increase in wages. greater retirement security and more paid leave and a commitment by the big three to create more full time middle class jobs and invest tens of billions more dollars in plants and factories building automobile future here in America.

 I applaud the UAW and the leaders of automobile companies for agreeing That all the workers on strike and all those who were walking the picket lines on behalf of the UAW brothers and sisters can go back to work immediately, even before the vote is taken. Ultimately, the final word on this contract will be for the UAW memberships themselves in the days and coming weeks as they vote.

But here’s what I know. And what I shared with the United Auto Workers I met in the picket line. I’ve always believed that the middle class built America and that unions built the middle class. And that’s especially the case for United Auto Workers who built the iconic automobile industry.

President Biden was right. The UAW contract is a victory for workers. For decades, the scales have been weighed against Americans who work hard every day. The rich have seen their wealth grow to astounding levels while everyone else has struggled to stay above water.

As UAW President Shawn Fein said, we’ve reached a turning point in the class war:

Unions are beginning to score victories for workers, which is an important reason why Donald Trump and anti-worker Republicans should not be returned to power.

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